About the Foundation

The idea of forming the association of ‘Gavirneni Clan’ came from Gudivada, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India.  It is the thought of a renowned Chartered Accountant Sri Gavirneni Venkata Purnachandra Rao and his family members.  It is indeed a novel idea to bring the Gavirneni Clan to a single dais because the Clan diversified to so many areas of Andhra Pradesh.  The areas are both urban and rural.  It was identified by Gavirneni Babu Srikar, S/o. G.V.Purnachandra Rao that the Clan was originated during Vijayanagara Empire from ‘Chodavaram’ Village of Penamaluru Mandal, near Vijayawada, Krishna District.  During 19th century the Clan spread to Gudlavalleru of Krishna District, Morampudi & Perikalapudi Villages of Gunturu District and Chowtapalem of Nellore Districts.  In the latter years they have spread to other parts of Andhra Pradesh.  It was a gigantic task to bring the members of the diversified clan to one dais.


Of course G.Babu Srikar who is also a Chartered Accountant took it as a challenge and started his work from Chodavaram.  Gradually his interest in this task made him to visit so many places in Andhra Pradesh.  After so many days of concentration at the cost of his regular work, he had finally conducted the first meeting of ‘Gavirneni Clan’.  The first meeting of the ‘Gavirneni Clan’ was conducted on 08.05.2011 on the occasion of his father’s 75th birthday at their own venue in Gudivada.


Though it was mid summer, many persons young & old, married & unmarried attended the function and hugged G.Babu Srikar and also each one of themselves as they never experienced such type of meeting.  That is the seed which in latter times became a great tree of ‘Gavirneni Clan’.  It was identified that the people of the Clan spread to the entire South India from Chodavaram to Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore and to all other major towns and cities.  Now it is the duty of every member of the ‘Gavirneni Clan’ to bring this idea to each and every family of Gavirneni’s and to take the brotherhood to the nook and corner of the places where Gavirneni’s are living.


It was decided in the first meeting to convene the meeting of the Clan on 26th January of every year.  Accordingly the 2nd & 3rd meetings were held at Chodavaram and Morampudi Villages in the years 2012 and 2013 respectively.  The 4th meeting scheduled to be held at Thukkuluru Village of Nuzvid Mandal, Krishna District on 26.01.2014 is postponed to 11.05.2014 due to the sudden demise of Sri G.V.Purnachandra Rao.


At the first meeting in Gudivada, it was decided to start a Foundation named ‘Gavirneni Foundation’ to help the poor and needy of the ‘Gavirneni Clan’.  The ‘Gavirneni Founation’ was started on 21.06.2012 with Sri G.V.Purnachandra Rao as its President, G.Babu Srikar as Secretary and Sri G.Ramalingeswara Rao also a Chartered Accountant as Treasurer with six others as members.  The Corpus of the Foundation as on date is about Rs.15.00 lacs and the Foundation is helping financially two Engineering Students to pursue their studies.  The Foundation also started a Reverse Osmosis Water Plant at Chodavaram at a cost of Rs.7.50 lacs and thereby helping two members of the ‘Gavirneni Clan’ to earn their livelihood.  The Foundation is also undertaking medical camps and other service activities.  The services of the Foundation are being appreciated by one and all.


In this context the Gavirneni’s should come forward to contribute something to the Foundation so that the poor and needy of the Clan may get benefitted for the education of the children and for the betterment of their life.  The Foundation hopes that every member will extend their hands to uplift the downtrodden of Gavirneni’s which is the main idea of starting the Foundation.


Long Live the ‘Gavirneni Clan’.